Balls with logo


Exclusive engraved Christmas balls with logo

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and innovative patented method  , which is engraving on glass Christmas balls . The effect is amazing!!!
We produce Christmas balls in selected colors.
We engrave everything, starting with dedication and festive graphics,
ending with detailed logs. The engraver allows you to make a string with millimeter accuracy.
The exclusive Christmas balls ornaments with the logo is a great idea for a unique gift.

Printed  Christmas balls ornaments

Christmas balls with colored print.
This is the most popular method for mapping the logo. Every logo the customers desires we can make.
Decorated Christmas ornaments are a great idea not only for a gift, but also for decorating a Christmas tree at work or at the place of sale.

Hand-decorated balls

We produce beautiful decorated balls with the inscription of names or dedication. The variety and precision of design are delightful for the most demanding customers. The exclusive balls make Christmas  magical. So do not procrastinate and transfer you to the magical World of Christmas Balls.


  • advertising ball with logo good one, red
  • advertising ball with logo henniges, blue
  • balls with logo św Jan z Dukli, with stand
  • Chrismas ball with logo zidane, blue
  • balls with logo centrobud, red
  • golden advertising balls zagłębie lublin
  • white printed balls IFA
  • White printed balls SCALAM
  • company balls Phage, printed logo

Metal ball stand



Metal ball stand, made of powder-coated metal
in silver color. Perfect for displaying Christmas balls
and other Christmas decorations.
In our offer we have a rack, a hook on the balls of diameter: 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm.

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Packages for Christmas balls ornaments



In our wide range of products you will also find box for a single balls 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm and packages containing 6 pieces of glass balls. There is a possibility to buy a package with a glass balls, and at your request we can pack in cellophane with a beautifully tied bow in the chosen color.
The package is made of solid white cardboard.
Upper and lower inserts, glued pack, folded flat for shipping.


Christmas Eve Hay



We offer you fresh, fragrant hay from Podkarpacie meadows.
Packaged in foil bags with a hanging hole.

Hay under the table cloth (TRADITION):

In the past, the hay was laid on the whole table and a white tablecloth was placed on it and then throw the grain. In the east and south of Poland straw was covered with the entire floor. Hay bales were often placed in the corners of the rooms. It was the symbol of poverty in which the Savior was born.

Today, the hay is laid on a white covered table or pushed out a white pillow case. On the hay is laying down wafer.

In many homes, especially in the countryside, it is customary to place dishes on Christmas hay and wafers . When the wafer is glued to the dish, it means that the plant or fish that is in the middle will be in the coming year. If it does not stick, predicts its lack next year.